Each EDDY Tug is intrinsically safe. The high dynamic stability, the watertight compartmentation and spacious, dry, decks without obstructions guarantee a safe working platform.

Safety in manoeuvering and ship-assist operations is established by the ease of operation and good sea-keeping behavior.


With the EDDY Tug design free sailing and towage behaviour is totally predictable and intuitive. The balanced design, comprising compact centreline drivetrains with azimuthal thrusters forward and aft, results in very simple operations. It will surprise any tug captain, whether highly experienced or novice. Handling of the vessels is entirely intuitive, which simplifies training and increases safety.


The enhanced, yet simple and slender double-ended hull form is easily driven, easy on gear and course stable in any direction. High dynamic stability results in high dynamic escort performance under all weather conditions. This prevents water on deck and decreases the danger of capsizing.

Watertight compartments

EDDY Tugs are ‘unsinkable’ thanks to its 5 watertight subdivisions.
Two nearly identical engine rooms improve redundancy and survivability. EDDY Tugs won’t sink with a flooded engine room or fire in one of both engine rooms.

High freeboard

The spacious, dry, decks without obstructions guarantee a safe working platform. The all-round high freeboard and stable, balanced hull allows for operations beyond the limits typically encountered in each respective class.

RENDER-RECOVER Winch (optional)

The double-drum render-recover winch mitigates the risk of having slack towlines and towline overload.


A large tumblehome, massive all-round fendering and low draft further improves safety while working under a ship’s flare and allows the tug to get very close to the vessel, just making fender contact.

360 degree VIEW

The spacious bridge is provided with ceiling-high windows, and provides excellent view on the winch, aft deck and the fendering all-around the vessel, allowing for precise manouevring in confined spaces. 




Where the main engines are provided with Active Stalling Protection, the risk of engine stalling is significantly reduced. Additionally, in both Diesel-electrical and the combined drivetrain mode, immediate torque is available through the electrical motors, which further reduces the risk.

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