The enhanced, yet simple and slender double-ended hull form is easily driven, easy on gear and course stable in any direction, also in adverse weather.

Free sailing and towage behavior is totally predictable and intuitive. The balanced design, comprising compact centerline drivetrains with azimuthal thrusters forward and aft, results in very simple operations. It will surprise any tug captain, whether highly experienced or novice.

High-dynamic stability results in high-dynamic escort performance under all weather conditions.



EDDY Tugs have pecise and high manoeuvrability in very confined spaces thanks to omni-directional push and pull forces, with minimum need for repositioning. This makes the EDDY Tug an ideal design, not only for lock-operations, but also where tugs are required to perform both fore and aft ship assists.

Hybrid propulsion

EDDY Tugs effectively address all operational profiles through its hybrid drivetrain. Where most tugs are built specifically with Bollard Pull performance in mind, this only accounts for approximately 2% of its operational profile. EDDY Tug designs can effectively address the full operational range effectively through the hybrid setup, allowing for Diesel-electric, Diesel-direct and even combined operation. This makes for a tug design that not only effectively adresses direct assistance, but also excells in free-sailing or standby mode.  

Excellent direct and indirect towing performance

EDDY Tugs accelerate effortlessly and move swiftly in any direction with the capability to maintain continuous line tension. High towline forces are generated by making optimum use of hydrodynamic forces, instead of just raw engine power. This makes EDDY Tugs unique in that they are equally effective at either end of the ship.

optimized operational modes

EDDY Tug’s diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system offers considerable flexibility, enabling the EDDY Tug to sail in ‘hybrid’ transit mode using one or two generators and the electric motors at speeds of up to 11 knots. For speeds up to these 11 knots EDDY Tugs generate hardly any wake, which allows for high transit speeds. Maximum speeds of over 13,5 knots can be reached with all EDDY desings. Both main engines will only be required during towage operations or for maximum speed.



Our hybrid propulsion setup enables EDDY Tugs to comply with current and upcoming IMO Tier III and EPA Tier IV requirements. Inside the engine rooms ample space is available for the installation of SCR-systems.


More info about the 'economy' side of the Eddy Tug