EDDY Tug 24-75 “Telstar” delivered to Iskes Towage & Salvage

Published on: 10 oktober 2016

After successfully completing her trials in Rotterdam, Holland Shipyards has delivered the 24 meter tug “Telstar” to Iskes Towage and Salvage, based in IJmuiden.


This new tug model is  EDDY Tug’s response to the increased demand for compact harbour tugs. It is based on the typical EDDY tug features, but has been adjusted to suit the operational requirements of Iskes in the Amsterdam – IJmuiden port.

In case of the “Telstar” this means that: the over-all thickness of the hull has been increased, rub-rails were fitted on waterline level to avoid paint damage during lock operations, an additional fender has been fitted mid-ship on the waterline for more contact area during sideways pushing, the coolers can be dropped down, instead of pulled up, and overall finishing levels are extremely high.


Extensive trials of the “Testar” were carried out over the course of two weeks in the Port of Rotterdam.

During Bollard Pull trials, a sustained result of 76,4 tons was measured, making the performance of the EDDY 24-75 unrivalled in its class.

By incorporating tracking-fins at both ends and bilge keels, course stability, which typically is an issue with smaller high-performance tug designs, proved to be effectively tackled. This leaves the captain with a stable and excellently manoeuvrable tug. The EDDY 24-75 has met or exceeded all expectations, making it a valuable expansion to the EDDY family, and  a highly competitive alternative to more conventional solutions in the market.


Basic data:


Hybrid Harbour Tug with pusher stern




Length o.a.:                                    25,45  m

Breadth o.a.:                                    12,20 m

Draught operational:                         5,10  m


Max speed:                                        13,5 knots

Transit speed @ 1x generator:            8,2 knots

Bollard Pull sustained:                      76,4 tons


Main engines:                                   2 x Mitsubishi S16R2, 1885 kW

Aux. engines:                                    2 x Oswald Electric motors, 600 kW

Generator sets:                                 2 x Scania DI 16, 640 kW for hybrid propulsion

Thrusters:                                          2 x Veth VZ-1800, 2600 mm diam. 


Crew:                                                5 

Cabins:                                             4 (each with individual sanitary facilities) ILO                                                              and MLC 2006 compliant 



Towing winch:                                    Ridderinkhof  R-TW-E 400 2500 kN BHP, 40                                                              tons @ 15 m/min pull

Fendering:                                          800 mm Cill. fender  and W-fender around                                                                bow, 500 mm fender all around vessel

Harbour generator:                            1 x Sisu 49 CTAG, 89 kWe


Fresh water:                                    19 m3

Fuel:                                               82 m3

Water ballast:                                   0 m3


Radar system:                                1 x X-Band, 1 x S-Band

GMDSS:                                         Area A2


The EDDY 24-75 incorporates a similar diesel-direct/diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system as is offered as standard on the EDDY 30 models. This setup has proven to be extremely successful, realizing remarkable savings in both fuel and maintenance costs while it allows for high-precision manoeuvring and improved crew comfort.


Again in this project it demonstrated that very close cooperation between owner, operator, builder and designer results in an optimized end result, suitable for many years to come.