EDDY 1 commences operations in Germany

Published on: 20 november 2014

EDDY Tug’s ‘EDDY 1’ has since this month, commenced operations in the Port of Bremerhaven, Germany.

URAG, a German tug operator with operations in the Northwestern region of Germany, has absorbed the tug in her fleet, and deployed her to Bremerhaven, where she has become part of the tug fleet.

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With experience from the Ports of Rotterdam and Ijmuiden, Bremerhaven will provide a whole new set of challenges to the first EDDY design. The port has an avg. 6 knots current, a narrow bend, and limited maneuvering space; all factors that should enable EDDY 1 to stand out.

URAG has selected EDDY 1, as it sees the benefits of an EDDY-type design, especially in a port like Bremerhaven. Also for longer stretches, to Bremen for example, the hybrid setup will provide significant savings in fuel consumption. All-in-all, as EDDY Tug, we are extremely happy to see EDDY 1 off to a client that has shown interest in the concept from day 1, and we look forward to a positive future cooperation.