EDDY Tug launches new 24 meter design

Published on: 21 april 2015

In response to an increased market demand for high bollard pull compact-tugs, EDDY Tug has recently added a 24meter long, 70 metric ton bollard pull ship-assist harbour tug to its portfolio. This new “EDDY 24-70” is based on the same proven-concept as its predecessor, the EDDY 30-65.

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It is significantly shorter however and has a moulded beam of 11.40 meter. This, in combination with the characteristic in-line thruster arrangement, ensures ease of handling in even the most confined spaces. Despite its short length, the all-round high freeboard and stable, balanced hull allow for operations beyond the limits typically encountered in this class.

Although high-speed indirect towage performance will obviously be less than that of the EDDY30-65, it is significantly more than that of competing designs in the same length and power range. For improved control during narrow lock- and bridge passages, optional towing pins can be fitted on the aft bulwark.

The EDDY 24-70 incorporates a similar diesel-direct/diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system as is offered as standard on the EDDY 30 models. This setup has proven to be extremely successful, realizing remarkable savings in both fuel and maintenance costs while it allows for high-precision manoeuvring and improves crew comfort.
The tug has accommodations for up to six persons. In four cabins. Two cabins each have separate sanitary facilities, while the other two cabins share one sanitary space. The galley and mess room are considered spacious for a tug of this size The ergonomically designed, split-level, wheelhouse allows for a dedicated winch-operator station as well as for additional crew seating without obstructing the view of the captain at any given time.

Construction is anticipated to commence in July 2015. A 360-degrees bridge simulator was recently developed and put into service in the Netherlands for the EDDY 30 series. The new 24 meter model will soon be included as well for crew training and to allow interested parties to evaluate the unique performance and handling of EDDY tugs.