With a driven team that has only one thing in mind: developing and building new generation ship-assist tugs, EDDY Tug offers you a revolutionary tug concept that will change the towage market.

In a time where operational economy, quality, improved performance, and safety are spear-points of many organizations, the EDDY Tug designs are made to live up to all these requirements, without compromise.


With input provided by operators operating in a variety of ports, both on the operational side and the construction side, EDDY Tug designs are developed with all practicalities of towing in mind, leading to functional designs that incorporate not only the EDDY Tug philosophy, but also a host of client specific wishes, if so desired.

Our services

EDDY Tug offers a full range of services, from product development, prototyping and testing up to providing full turnkey delivery of EDDY workboats and tugs to a worldwide client base.

In addition to these construction-related activities, EDDY Tug also provides captain training and construction support for independent yards looking to build EDDY Tug designs.

With an organization that has experience in all relevant fields, the EDDY Tug designs are made to excel not only on paper, but also in the water.