EDDY Family

Over the years various EDDY Tug designs have been introduced, to serve a range of customers in various ports of operation. Where more exposed ports look for larger tugs with sufficient freeboard and high bollard pull performance, locks, for instance, require smaller, agile harbour tugs, that have omni-directional working ability.

EDDY Tug provides solutions across the board, never compromising its goal to develop the best possible tug for every operator.

Browse through our product range, and make sure to check for any updates regularly, as we are constantly introducing new designs.

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The EDDY 24 design is the smallest member of the family, enabling it to operate in confined spaces, such as locks and small harbours. The design boasts an impressive 70t + Bollard Pull performance, making it the most powerfull in her class.

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When it comes to multi-purpose utilization, the EDDY 30 design is arguable the most versatile in the product range. Both suited for in-port as well as open water / terminal operations, the design boasts excellent direct and indirect performances. 

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For exposed operations, or remote operations, typically larger vessels are required, boasting more capacities. The EDDY 33 is the response to this requirement. Where the EDDY 24 and 30 design are ideally suited for in- or near-port operations, EDDY 33 is specifically designed to take on high seas, operate further away from home, and accommodate more people, both in numbers and tank capacities. 

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