Realizing that the capacity to provide professional training is a pre-requisite for any operator nowadays in selecting their newbuild, EDDY Tug has a full-bridge simulator available for training purposes. 

EDDY Tug can offer courses, varying from level assessments, captain training, basic operations training and a host of other courses. 

All courses are under the supervision of instructors that have longstanding experience in the towing industry, and have served as tug captains, making the course material more relatable in a day-to-day working environment. 

Simulator training courses

Simulator training courses can be given on various platforms. In our training center, located close to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, a 360o mock-up bridge has been built, making the training course all the more realistic. More recently, in response to the rapid rise of the 3D Virtual Reality market, an Oculus-based system has been developed, which is easily transportable as carry-on luggage. This allows EDDY Tug to demonstrate the EDDY concept on location with the operators, or during trade shows or anywhere else.

In close concert with various operators EDDY Tug has been able to provide location-specific training, including very specific situations or manouevres that are stricktly limited to the clients' area of operations. Even complete port environment can be outlined  to make the environment more relatable.

In addition to simulator training, full-scale exercises can be carried out on our EDDY Tugs, where real-life towing situtations will be utilized to further expand on the course.

During and after the construction of your EDDY Tug, detailed instructions and training can be provided for technicians in the yard. Together with the equipment and system suppliers, detailed training courses are available, covering all technical aspects of the EDDY Tug, including maintenance and troubleshooting. If desired, training in the port of operation can also be arranged.

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