Engineering & construction support

Eddy Tug provides tailor-made designs as well as construction support for independent yards looking to build EDDY Tug designs.

In case a third-party shipyard is selected to build and deliver your EDDY Tug, a host of supporting activities can be carried out by our organization. 

On top of product licensing, EDDY Tug delivers engineering packages to different grades of detail to the constructing yard. Basic engineering, detail engineering, diagrams and cutting files, the engineering package contains all engineering details of our family members.

Experienced shipbuilders

During the newbuilding process, the execution of the works must be monitored closely to ensure product quality. Who better to bring on board than the developer of the EDDY Tug? Our team has experience in shipbuilding on various shipyards, in different parts of the world. During their presence on site, they will inspect the quality of the tug, as well as adherence to Class rules and Flag State compliance. By doing so, the tug is guaranteed to have a longer life time, and reduced operational costs.

Additionally, EDDY Tug's services can be further expanded with component deliveries or even CKD (Completely Knocked Down) packages.

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