Apart from providing tug designs, EDDY Tug offers a full range of services, from product development, prototyping and testing up to providing full turnkey delivery and licence building of EDDY tugs to a worldwide client base.

EDDY Tug as an organisation springs from various backgrounds, including naval engineering, mechanical engineering, consultancy, shipbuilding and ship management. All these disciplines can easily be seen in the EDDY designs that have been introduced to the market. 

Not only has all engineering on our designs been executed internally, also model tests were completed in-house. 

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Basic, detail and systems engineering are all carried out within the EDDY Tug organization, resulting in optimal control over the outcome of these processes.

The construction of EDDY Tugs can both be done at our partner shipyards or at independent shipyards elsewhere, under our supervision.

On an after-sales level, EDDY Tug provides training for captains, and technicians in the yard and on location. With the help of skilled captains, technicians alligned to EDDY Tug, combined with a simulator model training course, the highest quality in training can be guaranteed.

Additionally EDDY Tug has the capability to advise and support in fleet management systems and spare part packages.